It’s that time of year again, Valentine’s Day, and the dreaded quest for the most romantic gift of all time. Every year the gifts get bigger and more expensive. But does it really have to be this way? Why not do something special together and make a memory that will last a lifetime? I’ve scoured the internet for my top 10 Valentines Day Ideas.

1. Star Gazing

This is one of my favorite Valentines Day Ideas. When I came to visit my now husband for the first time in Virginia, it was one of the special dates he took me on. Find a quiet place where you can safely and privately relax and watch the beauty that is above you. This time of year can be chilly, make sure to pack a blanket and some hot cocoa!

Star Gazing Date 10 Valentines Day Ideas | Loves in the Air

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2. Scavenger Hunt

As seen on last week’s Parks and Recreation, a scavenger hunt can be a fun way to reminisce about past events or learn more about one another. The game can be as intricate and detailed or as low key and relaxed as you like. Be creative with it!

3. Mini Road Trip

Hop in the car and explore a new or favorite location within driving distance of your home. Add a few kitschy attractions that you normally wouldn’t even think about visiting and take pictures to share and laugh over later.

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4. Go Dancing

If you know how to dance, find a location offering an event with your style of music (salsa, jazz, ballroom, etc.). If you don’t, sign up for a class and learn together. Yeah, it will probably be a bit embarrassing and silly, but who better to learn with than your special someone?

5. Spa Pampering

This is another one my husband planned for me the day he asked me to marry him and I’ve never forgotten about it. Pick out a special package at the spa and surprise your special someone with a massage, pedicure, manicure, etc.

6. Dinner In

Plan and prepare a full course meal. Set up candles, mood music and set the table for two. If you don’t normally cook, it might be best to make a test run a few days before the big day.

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7. Photo Shoot

A shameless plug for photography, but I think it’s a great idea. Hire a local photographer to photograph a part of your Valentine’s Day together. Life passes us by so fast. Why not capture a part of it in film and have it for years to come? Once you have your image files, create an album from your day to share with your friends and family.

Valentines Photo Shoot 10 Valentines Day Ideas | Loves in the Air

8. Love Letters

Write special notes to your love and hide them in locations where they will find them throughout the day. A wallet, pants pocket, lunch bag, car dashboard, pillow, etc. Your special someone will feel loved all day long.

9. Handmade Valentine’s Day Card

Yes, it will make you feel like you are six again, but pull out the colored paper, markers, glitter and glue and make a card that will make your guy or gal proud!

10. Sunset on the Beach

There’s something special about watching the sunset and ending the day together. Take a walk down the beach under the stars and talk about your love for one another and your hopes and dreams for the future.


Whatever you may choose to do this year for your loved one, make sure it’s something that will last longer than the day itself.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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