As you all know, our house has been a construction zone for the past two weeks. The changes are beautiful and each new design addition makes my heart skip a beat! Decorating an entire floor of our house has been a challenge. Keeping the look and feel of the house cohesive but unique has certainly stretched my personal creative skills. As we added the finishing touches to the kitchen with light fixtures, I noticed the ceiling light wasn’t gelling with the rest of the room. Something was missing. The lamp shade was a bland, white color and the fixture lacked our rustic style. Then it hit me, burlap!Burlap Kitchen Ceiling Light DIY How to Make a Burlap Lamp Shade

Burlap is the perfect accent to any room for that touch of rustic charm and elegance. I’ve used it for table runners, pillows, etc. Why not add it to a lamp? This do it yourself project was simple and I completed it in under an hour. All you need is:

  • Lamp shade
  • Burlap – found at Jo-Ann Fabrics
  • Spray adhesive – I used Elmer's Craft Bond Multi-Purpose
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Iron

I began by measuring the circumference and width of my lampshade and cutting the necessary burlap. Make sure to leave an inch on each side. I pulled out my iron and made sure the burlap was pressed neatly without wrinkles and creases. Then I brought my handy spray adhesive out to the garage and glued the burlap to the outside of my lamp shade. After allowing a few minutes to pass for the adhesive to dry, I warmed up my hot glue gun and glued the remaining burlap over the lamp shade edge. Within minutes, the burlap lamp shade was complete and ready for installation! Now my kitchen feels just right.

Burlap Kitchen Ceiling Light DIY 1 How to Make a Burlap Lamp Shade

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