Happy Friday everyone! Another week has passed and I do not know about you, but I am ready for the weekend. The hubby and I have plans to see a musical play and do a little work on the house. Next weekend is our neighborhood's annual yard sale and we are cleaning out!

Spring is such a wonderful time to rejoice in the newness of life. Most of my garden came back this year and every day the flowers are blooming. I'm not much of a green thumb and I thought for sure I had killed off most of my plants last year. I get emotionally attached to them and feel for them as they sit in the hot sun all summer long. Faithfully, every night, I go out and water them. Maybe a bit too much. Ha! I learned my lesson and will do better this year.

Speaking of newness and life…this week is Miss Terri's eighth week in her maternity series. I get to celebrate with Terri every week of her pregnancy through her portraits. She is truly a beautiful woman inside and out. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Maternity Journal Week 8 Terris Maternity Series | Week 8

Maternity Headshots McHugh Week8 Terris Maternity Series | Week 8

pixel Terris Maternity Series | Week 8