As Memorial Day approaches, so does my collaborative stylized engagement photo shoot with Aleen Floral Design at The Williamsburg Winery. This is such an exciting time. I have never had a shoot at a vineyard and this one is going to be quite special. Karen, from Aleen, and I both decided we would make burlap signage for our businesses to be featured in a few images as a soft marketing approach. I loved how my burlap sign came out and I plan to make many more! For brides looking to make a "thank you", "love" or "Mr. & Mrs" sign for their engagement or wedding portraits, this would be a fantastic idea. The vintage look and feel is perfect for any outdoor wedding or event! Here is my step by step burlap banner tutorial so you can make your own.

burlap banner diy Burlap Banner Tutorial | DIY


Ex-acto Knife, Scissors, Ruler, Burlap, Twine, Thread, Pen, Pins, Ruler, Acrylic Paint (color of your choice), Foam Paint Brush, Cutting Board, Paper for printing letters, 9" x 13" paper for triangle template, Sewing Machine, Iron

burlap banner diy supplies Burlap Banner Tutorial | DIY

Step 1

I used Adobe Photoshop to create my letter stencils. However, you can make them just as easily in Microsoft Word. The font shown below is Charlemagne Std at font size 400. Print each letter on a single sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper. Place your letter on a cutting board and use your ex-acto knife to trace around each letter. They should almost pop right out of the paper when a little pressure is applied.

burlap banner tutorial step1 Burlap Banner Tutorial | DIY

Step 2

Cut out your triangle. The easiest way to make a triangle is to take a large piece of paper, fold it in half, draw one half of your triangle and cut it out. Your triangle will be perfect. Once your template is ready, pin it to your burlap and cut out your triangles.

burlap banner tutorial step2 Burlap Banner Tutorial | DIY

Step 3

Place your letter template on your burlap triangle and determine where you would like each letter to be placed. Keep track of your measurements as you will want your letters to be centered and level on each burlap piece.

burlap banner tutorial step3 Burlap Banner Tutorial | DIY

Step 4

Once you have determined where you want your letters to appear on your burlap triangles, it's time to get out your paint and sponge brush. Hold down your stencil and lightly sponge the entire area. Remove the stencil and set aside your burlap to dry. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have all your letters. Once your letters are dried, fold over the top of each triangle 1" and iron. String your twine through your first triangle and pin the fold down. Leave a long string attached for adding your other triangles and for hanging your sign.

burlap banner tutorial step4 Burlap Banner Tutorial | DIY

Step 5

Sew your 1" seam, making sure your twine can move freely within the pocket you have created. Repeat step 5 with each of your letters in the order you prefer.

burlap banner tutorial step5 Burlap Banner Tutorial | DIY

Step 6

Get your scissors out and trim the small triangles on either side of the pocket you just sewed. Make sure not to snip your twine!

burlap banner tutorial step6 Burlap Banner Tutorial | DIY

Step 7

Step back and admire your work!

burlap banner tutorial complete Burlap Banner Tutorial | DIY

pixel Burlap Banner Tutorial | DIY