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One of my favorite things about the event industry is how many great small business owners and wedding vendors I get to meet. I don’t know why, but networking always surprises me a little. When you sit down with someone and care more about them as a person than getting their referral, you build a lasting relationship. It’s not rocket science, but it surprises me every time.

Today, I had a wonderful meeting with a local florist; Karen Roa from Aleen Floral Design of Williamsburg, Virginia. I went to high school with Karen 12 years ago. We recently discovered we lived in the same region of Virginia and that we were both in the event industry. How refreshing it was to sit down and jump right into conversation about floral design and wedding photography, marketing, business plans and more!

Aleen Floral Design became a goal back in 2000 when Karen assisted an established florist in San Diego, California with several weddings. After earning a business degree from Liberty University, Karen went on to attend floral design school in my new beloved city of Denver, Colorado.

Karen makes her brides feel like a priority. She takes all their decorations, colors and styles into consideration when designing center pieces, bridal bouquets, boutonnieres and any other floral arrangement a bride could desire. Check out her floral designs below and make sure to stop by her website and blog.Williamsburg Florist Aleen Floral Design 4 Lets Talk Flowers | Wedding AdviceWilliamsburg Florist Aleen Floral Design 2 Lets Talk Flowers | Wedding AdviceWilliamsburg Florist Aleen Floral Design 3 Lets Talk Flowers | Wedding Advice

The wedding favors were one of my hardest decisions to make as a bride. With a small budget, it’s quite hard to purchase a quality gift for every guest at your wedding. However, with a little creativity and hard work, you can make your own wedding favors. Here are 10 great DIY wedding favors.

1. Music to Their Ears

Send each of your guests home with a CD filled with music from your special moments and even your wedding. There are several companies that will label the CDs for you such as beau-coup, 48 hour print, and My Own Labels. My Own Labels has templates you can use to create your own unforgettable custom-designed wedding CD label.

CD Labels 5 Creative DIY Wedding Favors

{Original Image Source: My Own Labels}

If you are handy with Photoshop or other design programs, you can create your own labels and print them at home with Avery Labels sold at any Staples store.

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I always love the second Friday of each month when Christina from Zazzaretti Bridal comes to talk about her experience in the wedding industry. Who could forget her beautiful hair pin giveaway in December?! This month she'll be discussing one of the latest trends in the industry: neon weddings! Be sure to read the details at the end of her blog on next month's giveaway.

Hot, hot, hot…as in NEON Hot!


When I think NEON, I get seriously excited! To me, it means bold, edgy, and just screams confidence. It demands attention and dares you to question it… just my kind of color. So how awesome is it that it’s showing up in this year’s wedding trends?!


Neon Inspiration Board2 Hot Neon Wedding Trends | Zazzaretti Bridal

{Original Image Source: Polish – Seattlelite | Dresses – OneWed | Cake – Dahlia's | Necklace – Etsy | Clutches – Eclu | Pink Clutch – ANGEEW


Neon Fabric Pallette Hot Neon Wedding Trends | Zazzaretti Bridal


I first took notice last year when I would spot it here and there paired up with a soft neutral. Hot pink, neon orange, and khaki… really?! But it worked, and setting it with a neutral gives it so much pop! Of course, any single neon color will look great with black. White is also an excellent choice when mixing numerous neon colors together. If you want more of a twist, try that khaki or even gray!


Neon Wedding Trends Fabrics Hot Neon Wedding Trends | Zazzaretti Bridal

Here are a few Neon Love collection pieces I designed a bit ago:


Neon Wedding Bouquet and Sash Hot Neon Wedding Trends | Zazzaretti Bridal

This coming season you will see many new designs! Here is a sneak peek at my upcoming neon wedding pieces:


Neon Wedding Trends Bouquets Hot Neon Wedding Trends | Zazzaretti Bridal


What a blast it will be to spot these hot colors this spring and summer! Are there any you are planning to rock? Be sure to share with us and keep a lookout for next month’s post on a new flower style! There will be a giveaway of the new style in the winner’s choice of neon color!

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This is a guest post from Aimee "Mimi" Beltran of Irresistible Pets. You can read more about Mimi at the end of this post and make sure to check out her blog full of pet coupons, pet pics and and pet giveaways! I met Mimi a few weeks ago over coffee at our local Starbucks. We had such a wonderful time talking about our love for social media, blogging and business. She loves to write and talk about pets as she has her own furry friend at home, Chuy Chihuahua. I asked Mimi to give brides a few tips on how to include pets into their wedding day and pictures.

If you love your pets like I do, they are part of the family! I love to include our fur baby, Chuy Chihuahua, in all of our activities when possible.  Sometimes I regret not including him on our wedding day. There are so many cute and creative ways you can include your best friend in your wedding plans!

Here are 5 ways to include your dog on your wedding day!

1 – The Wedding Party


Make your “irresistible pet” part of the wedding party or as we like to call it, the wedding “pawty”! They can be your flower dog or ring bearer.  It will take a lot of dedicated training prior to the big day to pull this off. But, the rewards are priceless and will make your guests say, “Awwww!” Make sure you exercise your dog before the festivities so that they do not become restless during the ceremony.


Irresistible Tip – Dogs can be unpredictable! Make sure to have a plan B. If they get sick or don’t cooperate, you may have to leave Rover at home.

Estes Park Colorado Wedding Party Dog 5 Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

{Original Image Source: Estes Park Colorado Wedding | Christy & Dave via Jared Wilson Photography }

2 – The Wedding Pictures


Even if you don’t have your dog in the ceremony and reception, your wedding pictures are a great way to include them. After all, pictures last a lifetime! Make sure your photographer has plenty of your dog’s favorite treats on hand. You may also want to have them bring their favorite doggie toy to keep their attention!

2 5 Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding{Original Image Source: The Nichols via Style Me Pretty }


Irresistible Tip – Your engagement photos are another great opportunity to include your favorite doggie!

Virginia Beach Photographer Engagement Amanda Jordan4 5 Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

3 – The Wedding Vows


If you are terrified of getting your wedding dress stepped on or don’t think your furry friend is up for the big day, write a special line or two into your wedding vows about them.


You can share a funny story, talk about how you will care for them as a couple, or what your dog taught you about unconditional love.  You will have the full attention of your wedding guests and they will see just how much your dog(s) mean to you!

4 – A Doggie Groom Cake or Ice Sculpture


If your venue is not pet friendly, why not include your dog by honoring them with a dog themed groom’s cake or ice sculpture? All of your guests can enjoy this and you will have memorable pictures to look at on each anniversary!

4 5 Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding{Original Image Source:}

5 – A Photo Slide Show


If the reception venue is not pet friendly or you just want your dog at the ceremony, include pictures of them in a slide show. I think slideshows in general are such a great way to capture your memories as a couple and share them with your guests. Why not include images of you and your dog (and any other pets) into the slideshow? I’m sure you would hear a few “awwww’s” from the guests!


Weddings can be so fun but yet overwhelming . . . including your best furry friend can make it even more stressful! Keep yourself as stress-free as possible by designating someone to watch after your dog during the wedding. They should be responsible for feeding, transportation, potty breaks, and grooming. If your dog cannot attend the big day, be sure to make arrangements for them at a local doggie day care or have a trusted friend look after them.


No matter how you incorporate your dog into your wedding day, make it special and unique to you as a couple.


About: Aimee "Mimi" Beltran, Irresistible Pets

I was born and raised in Virginia Beach and can’t imagine ever living away from the ocean! I own a social media management company, Irresistible Media in addition to managing two other blogs, Irresistible Pets and Irresistible Icing.

I’ve always been an animal lover and grew up with horses, rabbits, birds, and cats! Irresistible Pets was created after I got my first dog, Chuy Chihuahua. I am absolutely in love with him! My blog is a place to find the latest pet coupons, deals, tips, and more!

When I’m not glued to my laptop, tablet, or smart phone, I love to travel, shop for new shoes, and spend time with family and friends. I’m slightly obsessed with icing, anything purple, and everything that sparkles! Please stop by any of my blogs and say hi! I love making new friends!


Wedding photography is kind of a big deal. It is one of the most expensive parts of a wedding day and also one of the most important. But what happens after your special day is over? Sharing your digital images online with friends and family is great, but what happened to the days of sitting down with a cup of coffee and looking through old fashioned wedding photography albums?

Wedding photography albums can be quite expensive and when included in a photographer’s package can greatly increase the price. I’ve been researching album vendors so that I may offer multiple options to brides of all budgets. This was not easy. Albums seem to fall on both ends of the spectrum. Either they are inexpensive but low in quality or expensive, but so beautiful you’d feel the need to keep that coffee mug on the other side of the room!

I wanted to find an album that was simplistically beautiful on the outside, yet full of artistic beauty on the inside. A fellow photographer has been raving about KISS wedding albums for years to me and I decided it was time to see for myself.

The S.W.A.T. program offered by KISS is a wonderful tool for designing albums. You can use their templates or design your own. As I am a perfectionist and like things my way, I designed a few and mixed them in with the templates. Thankfully, I have a pretty large monitor or the program would not have been as easy to use. I had a hard time seeing details when arranging and resizing images. Once my design was complete, I pressed the order button, chose my book size, cover and color and I was done! My books arrived in less than one week!

I chose to order a set of mini KISS books as they are easy to transport for consultations. When my package arrived, each book came with its own fabric holder. The cover of the photography album was soft leather and the pages were a thick, sturdy photographic paper.  Overall, I am very pleased. The process of design and ordering was simplistic, the product itself is of high quality and the price is right where it should be.

KISS Wedding Album Review01 Wedding Photography Albums | KISS Product ReviewKISS Wedding Album Review1 Wedding Photography Albums | KISS Product Review

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pixel Wedding Photography Albums | KISS Product Review